As a result of the feedback received during the consultation in October, we have negotiated a revised plan with our nearest neighbouring parish – St Patrick’s in the Cowgate – and with the Little Sisters at St Joseph’s House, Gilmore Place.  The two main points are:

(i) Instead of stopping the lunchtime Mass altogether, we will alternate the early Mass and the lunchtime Mass with St Patrick’s: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Sacred Heart will have an early Mass and St Patrick’s will have a lunchtime Mass. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, St Patrick’s will have an early Mass and the Sacred Heart will have a lunchtime Mass.

(ii) The parish evening Mass will continue, but move to St Joseph’s House, Gilmore Place, from Monday to Thursday, at the slightly earlier time of 5.30pm (this is the latest it can be, since they have supper at 6pm).   This will be a parish Mass – not only for residents – members of the public are welcome to attend, and there is disabled access.

The new timetable will look like this:

  7.45am 12.30pm 5.30pm
Mon Sacred Heart St Patrick’s St Joseph’s House
Tue St Patrick’s Sacred Heart St Joseph’s House
Wed Sacred Heart St Patrick’s St Joseph’s House
Thu St Patrick’s Sacred Heart St Joseph’s House
Fri Sacred Heart St Patrick’s Sacred Heart
Sat St Patrick’s Sacred Heart  

Although the alternating pattern is a little complicated, the advantages of this arrangement are:

(i) St Patrick’s and Sacred Heart will each retain three lunchtime Masses every week – since neither parish wanted to lose lunchtime Masses completely.

(ii) Between these three places – Sacred Heart, St Patrick’s and St Joseph’s House – there will be an early Mass, a lunchtime Mass and an evening Mass celebrated every day. (St Patrick’s is 0.8 miles from Sacred Heart, and St Joseph’s is just 700 yards away.)

(iii) The Sacred Heart keeps its Tuesday lunchtime Mass – the day of the Lunch Club.

(iv) On Fridays, the evening Mass will be celebrated in the Sacred Heart Church (at 5.30pm), which will facilitate First Fridays – when we will have Evening Prayer at 5.30pm followed by Mass and then Exposition until 7.30pm.

On Holydays of Obligation (and Ash Wednesday) there will be four masses in the Sacred Heart parish: 7.45am; 12.30pm, (5.30pm at St Joseph’s) and 7pm.  St Patrick’s will offer a Vigil Mass at 6pm (except on Ash Wednesday) and an 8.15am and 12.30pm.

Confession times at the Sacred Heart will be unchanged – there will still be confessions every weekday from 12 noon to 12.30pm, and after the lunchtime Mass, and on Saturdays from 1pm to 2pm and 5pm to 6.25pm.

Sunday Mass times (including Saturday evening Vigil Masses) remain unchanged.

The new timetable will come into effect from Monday 11th January.