BettinaSmall1Bettina has now safely arrived in South America in the city of Lima, which is the largest city in Peru. Bettina will begin volunteering in the small community of Lamud in North Peru, which is run by the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and will remain there for 5 months. During this time she will be assisting the Sisters who are responding to a number of diverse ministries including education, pastoral & spiritual care, self-help projects and healthcare.

After Bettina has completed 5 months in Peru she will travel to Ecuador for 2 weeks to help in the Cloud forest, plant trees, clear tracks and assist with organic farming. After 2 weeks Bettina will return to Peru, to the city of Cusco, to work with the charity FairServices. This charity runs after-school projects for poor children focusing on helping them with their homework and other activities as well as providing them with a healthy meal.

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