The journey from Murree to Rawalpindi was a long, slow descent on a narrow, windy road.  

Then we drove along the motorway from Rawalpindi to Lahore, mostly very flat land, with a lot of rice fields, like this:

And this:

Finally we arrived in Lahore – which is a “garden city” full of trees, plants, parks and gardens, and very green.   This clip of a drive along one of the many leafy avenues gives you some idea, with occasional commentary from Sister Irene RJM (on the left) and Fr Joseph Lester SJ (out of sight, on the right):

Also very green is the Jesuit centre, Loyola Hall – a compound that includes a retreat house, the Jesuit community, a library and a number of other institutions and offices:

And here is a quick video of my motor rickshaw ride from Lahore Junction railway station, through the busy city traffic, at dusk: