Arrived in Karachi now, and spending some days with the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, staying at the Dominican House of Studies.

Karachi is a huge city of 27 million people – the largest city in the world that has no resident Jesuits!

This Dominican house is in a large Catholic compound that includes the national seminary, a school and a parish.   We seem to be surrounded by half-built apartment blocks.

And something I spotted today suggests to me that health and safety regulations are perhaps not enforced as tightly here as they are back in Britain:

But this place does have a garden, at least:

We are in the corner of the compound, right next to a busy flyover – the Lyari Expressway.  And squeezed between the two carriageways, there are people living in shacks, in really dreadful conditions:

On our side of the road, the shacks come right up to the wall of this house, as you can see

So this place is very different from Murree, which was cool and beautiful and pleasant.  Here it is hot and dusty and noisy!  We also hear the call of the muezzins from the nearby mosques, amplified to distortion, wafting across the compound at various times of day!

On the plus side – there is always a plus side – your washing dries very quickly on the line here – a few hours and it’s done! (It took days in Murree because the air was so cold and damp!)

And the Dominican fathers were very kind and hospitable, particularly Father Maris, who made us all very welcome.



Also, this place has the best electric sockets I have ever seen – they fit any kind of plug from anywhere in the world – look……

Why doesn’t everywhere get sockets like this?!