About thirty parishioners visited Yester Castle, near Gifford in East Lothian, on Sunday 10th June for Mass at the Castle with Parish Priest, Fr Peter Scally SJ.   We were blessed with a fine, warm, sunny day, and thanks to the kindness of Castle Park Golf Club, we were able to find parking nearby and walked around the edge of the golf course to find the historic ruin, well hidden in a wooded area, and almost surrounded by a sharp bend in the river with steep banks.   Fr Peter celebrated Mass in the open air, and then our local historian, Neil McGregor, told us a little about the history of the place, going back to the 13th century, and its association with the Giffard family.  Then, with the help of torches, we ventured down a dark passage into the subterranean Goblin Hall, with its magnificent and fully intact stone ceiling.  This was followed by a picnic lunch, and investigation of some of the nearby streams, and a walk back to the golf club to make our way home.