Getting Married at the Church of the Sacred Heart

At the Church of the Sacred Heart we have a team that prepares couples for marriage. We currently run two courses. The first course is Prepare/Enrich – this is an online questionairre – upon completion you will meet with someone from our team to discuss the report. The second course is a full day of catechesis, normally on a Saturday from 10.00am – 4.00pm. This course is From This Day Forward. Our Parish team consists of:

Andrew Cassidy

Jan Minns

Fr. William Pearsall SJ

If you are planning on getting married in the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart or you live within our parish boundary please contact Andrew Cassidy (Pastoral Associate) – 0131 229 9821 or email at least 6 months before the proposed wedding date in order to give sufficient time to complete marriage preparation, paperwork and also to make sure the desired date is available.

Pastoral Support

Our Pastoral Associate is also available to meet couples to provide pastoral support. To arrange a meeting please contact Andrew Cassidy.