Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVDP)

Our aim is to tackle poverty in all its forms through the provision of practical assistance to those in need. We work with people of all ages, sometimes we help people in crisis, for example, people who have no income because their benefits have been stopped or they have just been released from prison. We work with single people and families, people with physical or mental illness. We see some people long term. We also help with feeding the homeless during the winter months through the Bethany Care Shelter. We are also able to assist with financial support from the weekly SVDP collections after Sunday Mass.

We often get referrals from Fr William and other sources such as people who are aware of someone with difficulties needing support, self referrals from people who know about SVDP and occasionally from other groups and headquarters in Glasgow. St Andrews & Edinburgh also has a Caravan Scheme whereby people who would not otherwise have a holiday, can go to Seton Sands or Fife for a caravan holiday. Sacred Heart SVDP has often used this scheme.

Getting help from SVDP

If you would like to speak with the SVDP or would like a member of the group to visit you, please contact us through Fr William (Parish Priest) or Andrew Cassidy (Pastoral Associate) on 0131 229 9821 or email

Joining the SVDP

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SVDP group please contact Andrew Cassidy or come along to our next meeting to find out more. You will not be asked to commit to more than you are able.


We meet fortnightly on a Monday evening at 7.15pm in the parish house. We start and end our meetings with spiritual prayers and readings. We currently have 5 members, Sonia, Barbara, Jean, Michael and Regina. New members are always welcome.