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Fr Peter in Pakistan (last post!)

ParishPriest/ August 1, 2017/ Parish News/

Celebrating St Ignatius in Lahore We had three days of celebrations at Loyola Hall, the Jesuit centre in Lahore, for the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola.   On Saturday night, the religious of the Archdiocese were invited for Mass, celebrated by Fr Renato, the Jesuit Mission Superior, with the homily from Fr Imran, followed by a buffet meal in the

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Fr Peter in Pakistan (Part 6)

ParishPriest/ August 1, 2017/ Parish News/

A Night Out in Karachi At the end of the their retreat, the Daughters of the Heart of Mary took me for a night out in Karachi!  First we made a visit to the must-see spot in Karachi, the tomb of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, which is set in a beautiful park. Then we visited St Patrick’s

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Fr Peter in Pakistan (Part 5)

ParishPriest/ July 27, 2017/ Parish News/

Arrived in Karachi now, and spending some days with the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, staying at the Dominican House of Studies. Karachi is a huge city of 27 million people – the largest city in the world that has no resident Jesuits! This Dominican house is in a large Catholic compound that includes the national seminary, a school

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Father Peter in Pakistan (Part 4)

ParishPriest/ July 26, 2017/ Parish News/

The journey from Murree to Rawalpindi was a long, slow descent on a narrow, windy road.   Then we drove along the motorway from Rawalpindi to Lahore, mostly very flat land, with a lot of rice fields, like this: And this: Finally we arrived in Lahore – which is a “garden city” full of trees, plants, parks and gardens, and very

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Fr Peter in Pakistan (Part 3)

ParishPriest/ July 23, 2017/ Parish News/

The second group of Jesus & Mary Sisters have just finished their retreat at the convent in Murree, Punjab.  By the end of it, Fr Peter had a whole group of new friends: And one of them has four legs:

Father Peter in Pakistan (Part 2)

ParishPriest/ July 12, 2017/ Parish News/

Fr Peter has been with the Sisters of Jesus and Mary at their convent in Murree, in the hills to the northeast of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.   The sisters finished their retreat on Saturday, and in the evening were singing songs together in the hall – they sing beautifully!  This one is an Urdu song: British readers may recognise this

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Father Peter in Pakistan

ParishPriest/ July 4, 2017/ Parish News/

Father Peter is currently visiting Pakistan at the invitation of the Jesuit community in Lahore.   He arrived in Islamabad on Thursday accompanied by Fr Michael Holman SJ, and they were hosted by the Presentation Sisters in Rawalpindi.  He has sent a few pictures of the first day, visiting Islamabad and Rawalpindi.              

Welcome to the Catholic Church

Andrew Cassidy/ April 19, 2017/ Parish News/

The Church of the Sacred Heart is delighted to welcome Yoshi, Amy, Jane, David and Philip to the Catholic Church. After a long journey, that began formally in September with RCIA, Yoshi & Amy received the sacrament of baptism and Yoshi, Amy, Jane, David and Philip received the sacraments of confirmation and first holy communion at the Easter Vigil. The

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Becoming a Catholic: Rite of Election

Andrew Cassidy/ March 7, 2017/ Parish News/

Becoming a Catholic: Rite of Election In September 2016 the Church of the Sacred Heart began the RCIA programme for the 1st time. Although many people have joined the Church through the Church of the Sacred Heart, there had never been a formal programme. We have been delighted to accompany 6 individuals on their faith journery and educate them in

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Edinburgh Doors Open Day 2016

Andrew Cassidy/ September 30, 2016/ Parish News/

On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of September, the Sacred Heart Church participated in Edinburgh Doors Open Day. A number of parishioners gave up their free time to volunteer over the course of the weekend and assisted by serving teas and coffees, baking, giving guided tours, preparing video presentations, welcoming visitors and working on stalls and displays. The Sacred Heart

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